Since 1850, an ageless pastry shop

In the heart of Bergamo, Balzer has always been the meeting point by definition of the city with Venetian walls. An historic pastry shop situated among the elegant arcades overlooking the Sentierone.

A place for all who wish to taste the typical products of the area, enjoying the panorama that only Balzer can offer. From the Donizetti cake to the sweet Polenta and Osei, anyone can treat themselves with a moment of pleasure.
Over time the restaurant has been able to pass on the ancient recipes that are now re-proposed with the same care as then, paying attention to the selection and processing of the raw material, with precision and professionalism.

Did you know...

Historical recipes
High quality bistrot
Delicious pastries and cakes
Gelato shop in spring and summer

Via Sentierone 41 - 24121 Bergamo


Perfect for

Wine lovers
Happy Hour
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