Ex Monastero di Astino

The biodiversity within the city: the Astino Valley

A fascinating monastery has found new life and reopened its doors in the heart of a wonderful valley. The newfound beauty of the monastery leaves you breathless as you approach along the road.

The monastic complex is located in the heart of the Parco dei Colli area, surrounded by 60 hectares of woods and land, where ancient local crops have been recovered: extra virgin olive oil, fruit trees, corn and old grains. It made of the monastery, the cloister and the church. On the ground floor there are some rooms used for conferences, meetings and exhibitions. In the summer season, the monastery becomes a stimulating cultural center, to be reached with a pleasant walk from Upper Town between dry stone walls and vines or by bus just a few minutes from the center of the Lower City.

Did you know...

Cultural centre future-oriented
Equipped with rooms for conferences
Equipped with exhibition halls
Restaurant and bar

Via Astino 13 – 24129 Bergamo


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Food and wine
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