Domus Magna

One of the most historical places in Bergamo

Behind Santa Maria Maggiore, along the silent Via Arena, you can reach the baroque building of the Domus Magna. A welcoming multipurpose area, the Donizetti Museum and a concert hall in Art Nouveau style.

Sala Piatti is ideal for holding concerts, conferences and cultural events.
It is set on two levels (the stalls and the porch) and has 225 seats. Two of them are reserved for disabled people.
It is situated in Via San Salvatore 6 – 24129 Bergamo.

Sala Locatelli is a multipurpose area and has a maximum capacity of 99 people (about 115 square meters in addition to the service rooms) and is completed by a Renaissance courtyard with covered porch.
It is situated in Via Arena 9 – 24129 Bergamo.

The Donizetti Museum allows you to learn about the life, work and personality of the Bergamo musician Gaetano Donizetti, with sound and interactive stations for listening to Donizetti’s work, and scores, portraits, letters, objects from his private life.
It is situated in Via Arena 9 – 24129 Bergamo.

Did you know...

Excellent acoustic
Big courtyard
Piano and organ available
Equipped with audio system

Via Arena 9 - 24129 Bergamo


Perfect for

Cultural Events
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