Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

A religious place with precious works of art in the heart of the Upper Town

The visitor’s glance doesn’t know where to rest. Each era has left a masterpiece: the 14th Century frescoes, the Medici and Flemish tapestries, the large canvases, the inlaid choir by Lotto and Capoferri.

The basilica is an interesting witness of the changing styles, from Romanesque to Baroque. Its management was entrusted to the Consorzio della Misericordia Maggiore in 1449 which still maintains its care today.
It can boast two entrances: to the south “the portal of the white lions” and to the north “the portal of the red lions”.
Inside, the funerary monuments of the great Bergamo composer Gaetano Donizetti and his Maestro recall the importance of music in the life of the Basilica. Sunday liturgies are accompanied by the Musical Chapel, one of the most prestigious institutions in Italian musical history.

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Piazza Duomo – 24129 Bergamo


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